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We offer the service of sale and installation of ductless air conditioner. Are you looking for a good price for a wall-mounted air conditioner? You are in the right place, we are in the field of air conditioning and residential heating since 1982 and have the expertise to advise you well. We serve the Greater Montreal area as well as the North and South Crowns. We have a wide choice and you will find in this section the different brands and models of ductless air conditioner that we sell. The estimate is always free.



Under what circumstances do you install a wall-mounted air conditioner?


The ductless air conditioner is for you if you do not have a central air heating system and you can not install one. When you do not have ventilation ducts, you can not install a central air conditioning system (be it an air conditioner or a heat pump). To enjoy the comfort of air conditioning, you can then turn to the installation of a wall-mounted air conditioner. If you live in a bungalow, cottage, semi-detached or condominium (check your co-owners agreement to see if you are allowed to install such a device), the ductless air conditioner is the solution for you.



What is the price of a ductless air conditioner?


The price of a ductless air conditioner depends on several factors. The main factors influencing the price of a ductless air conditioner are the power, the energy efficiency sought, the technology used and the characteristics of the installation. For example, a 12,000 BTU wall-mounted air conditioner will cost less than a multi-zone ductless air conditioner with 4 diffusers. The energy efficiency of the device also affects the price. The price of a ductless air conditioner will be higher for a device with a SEER rating of 22 compared to a device with a SEER rating of 15. If the wall air conditioner uses an Inverter (variable speed) compressor, the price will be higher than that operating with a 1 stage compressor. The price of a wall mounted air conditioner is in the range of $ 1950 to $ 3950 plus taxes, including installation, depending on the tonnage and energy efficiency required. A home visit is required for a proper estimate. The estimate is always free.



How long does it take to install a ductless air conditioner?


The installation of a dutcless air conditioner takes on average between 2 hours and a half and 4 hours, the delay being related to the complexity of the installation. When the installation of the air conditioner is done in a bungalow, and the outdoor and indoor units are on the same adjoining wall, the work takes about two and a half hours. When the outdoor unit is to be installed at a height of 35 feet with a nacelle, the installation of the wall-mounted air conditioner will be much longer and complicated. We are known to go where others do not go. It is very rare that we can not find a solution for a complicated installation. Obviously, the use of a nacelle carries an adjustment on the price of the air conditioner.



How does work an ductless air conditioner?


A ductless air conditioner consists of an outdoor unit called a condenser and an indoor unit called an evaporator or diffuser. The condenser is installed on a metal support on the wall or on the floor outside the home. The evaporator is installed inside the home in order to obtain the optimum air pressure. It is this unit that provides you with air conditioning and heating. These two units are connected together by sealed copper pipes where the refrigerant circulates. When a refrigerant is subjected to less pressure, it expands and absorbs the ambient heat. When, on the contrary, it is subjected to greater pressure, it releases the heat which it absorbs. The air conditioner absorbs the ambient heat and then releases it into the outdoor coil through the play of the refrigerant pressures. This is why the air is hot close to the outdoor condenser.



Ductless air conditioner versus ductless heat pump?


Technology has evolved a lot in the last decade. This reality has had the impact of making the cost of purchasing a wall-mounted air conditioner equal to that of a wall-mounted heat pump. In recent years, we have installed almost all ductless heat pumps instead of ductless air conditioners. The price of the purchase being the same, why to deprive of the heating? Since systems are very energy efficient, it is more economical to heat with a wall-mounted heat pump than with electric baseboards. Some of our products can heat up to -25 ° Celsius.



What is SEER?


The SEER rating means: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This ratio evaluates the energy efficiency of the wall air conditioner. The higher the rating, the more efficient the system is and consumes little electricity to produce a Btu of air conditioning. The purchase price of a high-efficiency wall-mounted air conditioner will cost more than a less efficient system. However, with the constant rise in the cost of energy, it is increasingly profitable to install a high energy efficiency appliance.



Does the ductless air conditioner require maintenance?


Like any air conditioner, your ductless air conditioner requires minimal maintenance. You should regularly clean the filters in the interior diffuser. These are usually easy to access (during installation, our technicians will show you how to do this). Over the years, however, the evaporator and inner fan blades will tend to get dirty. Unfortunately, you do not have access to these components and the maintenance must be done by a technician equipped with specialized equipment. In order to maintain the effectiveness of your ductless air conditioner and optimize its service life, we advise you to carry out an in-depth maintenance every 3 years. 



What is the average lifetime of a ductless air conditioner?


We regularly service and repair air conditioners over the age of 10 years. However, the maintenance performed on the unit will have a significant impact on its life span. A well-maintained wall-mounted air conditioner will provide comfort for many years!



Is it complicated to use?


After installation, our technicians will explain how to use your ductless air conditioner. This unit is relatively easy to use, you control your wall air conditioner with a remote control. The features and options of the different appliances, but in general the programming or dehumidification modes will require a little more explanation. Our technical team is available and we are able to give you additional explanations by phone or at home.




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