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Oil heating conversion

Oil heating conversion

05/04/2016 7
The reasons for wanting to convert your heating system to oil by an electrical system are many. Whether it is to use eco friendly energy and reduce it...
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Q &.A  Heat pump

Q &.A Heat pump

27/12/2016 18
 Many people are wondering about heat pumps. How does it work? What is the cost of a heat pump? How do I install a heat pump? In this article, we will...
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Q & A Ductless heat pump

Q & A Ductless heat pump

27/12/2016 9
The ductless heat pump has evolved a lot over the last 10 years. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies, the ductless heat pump has become...
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Choose you air filter

Choose you air filter

05/03/2017 1
Many people question themselves on what type of air filter to use for their forced air heating system. Before answering that question, let’s answer th...
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The installation was done professionally and the technicians took the time to explain how my new system worked.
- Gilles
The technical advisor understood my needs and advised me well.
- Steven
My filter order was delivered very quickly. Congratulations on your service!
- Lise