This filter is a MERV 11 and was tested according to the procedure described in appendix “J” of the ASHRAE 52.2 standard. The media (filtrating material) is held by a solid die-cut cardboard frame that is waterproof and made of 100% recycled material. The diagonal lines on each side are glued to the media to assure a greater rigidity and to maintain the desired space between the pleats. The cardboard frame is made of two parts that are glued to the media all around. A metal wire netting is also glued to the media to maintain the pleats and offer a greater stability. All of the frames are treated with a waterproofing product (Aqua Coat). 

Filter capacity Merv 11
Nominal size 20" X 20" X 4"
Actual size 19 1/2" X 19 1/2" X 3 5/8"
Quantity by box 6 filters
Category Maxi
Resistance 0.22" WG (55 PA)
Media surface 7.2 ftfor 1.0 ft2 of front surface


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