About Us


Thermopompes N & R Sol Inc. Is a business specializing in the field of residential heating and air conditioning in the greater Montreal region.  Being in business since 1982, we passionately serve a large clientele. Our team is composed of experienced administrators, competent technicians and an administrative support staff that is attentive to our clients needs. We sell and install central or ductless heat pumps, electric, gas or oil furnaces, air exchangers, air ducts, gas and electric fireplaces. We do all electric works ourselves. We also sell and install a variety of accessories such as: humidifiers, air purifiers, air filters, etc.  

Whether it be to replace an existing system or for a new construction project, we are at your service. 


Thermopompes N & R Sol Inc. was founded in 1982 by Mr René Boisvert and his wife Mrs Dorothy Boisvert. The company started its operations with an initial cash outlay of $5000.00 and was home base operated from the family's dining room.

Joining up an innate business sense with a solid experience as sales director for Master, Mr Boisvert and his original team had the business flourishing. in 1984, Thermopompe N & R Sol Inc. moved into their first offices at Khanata Industries in Kahnawake.

The late 1980's to the early 1990's was an exciting period for Thermopompes N & R Sol Inc. In 1989, Service Sol N R was launched by Mr. Boisvert. The company carried out the after sales service for Thermopompes N & R Sol and offered service contracts as well as the selling of accessories linked to the oil heating field.  In 1991, urged on by a constant progression in its business volume, the company moved into a 22 500 square feet building in the industrial park of Châteauguay.


The new millennium was a period of transition. In 2003, Service Sol N R is integrated by Thermopompes N & R Sol. In 2007, in order to profit of a well deserved preretirement and to ensure the company’s legacy, Mr. Boisvert associated himself with 3 mainstays of Thermopompes N & R Sol. Gentlemen Alain Laplante, Alain Parisien and Richard Pitre then become shareholders with Mr. Boisvert. At that time, the latter respectfully occupied the positions of head of ventilation, controller and head of installations. Mr. Boisvert left us prematurely in 2012, following a sickness. 

In 2007, in order to be more accessible to is clientele, Thermopompes N & R Sol inaugurated a showroom on d’Anjou Boulevard in Chateauguay. Several equipments are on display, which allows the client to take his or her time in evaluating and choosing the product he or she is interested in. In 2011, the showroom was moved to larger premises on St-Jean-Baptiste Boulevard in Chateauguay. 

Being present in the new construction residential field and wishing to offer a wider range of products, the owners decided in 2015 to joined the market of stoves and fireplaces.  Following an investment of a few hundred thousand dollars, the showroom was completely remodeled.  Nearly 40 gas or electric stoves and fireplaces are on display.



From its modest start in the basement of a passionate, the company has now become a major player in the Montreal area in the field of air conditioning and home heating. Built around a dynamic team, the company sees the future as promising.  During all of these years, a sole priority has remained: our clients satisfaction.