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Eco-Feu is a designer and manufacturer of bioethanol decorative products. The manufacturer offers a wide range of models for indoor and outdoor. Bioethanol releases a flame that does not produce residue and smoke. The flame, which you can adjust the intensity, releases a gentle heat and creates the desired ambience.

The products are top quality and safe. Ethanol is a renewable resource with minimal emissions from combustion. The flame creates a unique and warm atmosphere. Eco-Feu Fireplaces are fitted with a quick release system and can be easily installed in 15 minutes. They do not require electricity or chimney.

Several of the models are equipped with the new ECO-VECTION system which carries out the integrated automatic convection. This accelerates and optimizes the circulation of the heat thus giving you instant comfort. The fireplace also has a subtle and elegant closure system that allows to control the intensity of the flame or to extinguish the fireplace safely.

Eco-Feu fireplaces have a limited 3 years warranty.



  • Dimensions: 9 7/8" x 16 9/16''
  • Burner of 860 ml.
  • Last up to 8 hours with one fill.
  • Includes pouring spout, shutter and 1 bottle of 946 ml of Bioethanol.
  • Eco-Feu limited warranty of 3 years.




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  • Brand: ECO-FEU
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